Start-up consultancy

As a startup and entrepreneur, you have to deal with many challenges: If you meet a consumer need, does the product live up to the desired quality, what competitors with similar products should you deal with and how?

Once you have mastered the initial exercises and reached a “Proof of Concept”, comes the “Proof of Business”: How do we create growth and how do we finance the business project?

There are many buzzwords and opportunities. “Soft money” in the form of grant pools for development and innovation is fine and grateful in the first phase. “Family and friends” can also be an option. Or crowd-funding.

Eventually we come to “hard money” in the form of loan and equity. Here the demands of the outside world on reporting and progress are rising. One can quickly lose sight of it.

It is crucial that you acquire knowledge and expertise at the right time. If you are not ready with your business plan when you meet the Growth Fund or another lender, you will not be invited next time.

CS Consulting Group offers

CS Consulting offers tailor made courses for startups and entrepreneurs, ensuring a solid foundation for future innovation and growth.

It will typically be one or more of the following:

Company Analysis

The company analysis is conducted over 14 days in collaboration with the company through analysis and structured interviews.

The business analysis includes:

  • Strategy check with action points & must win battles
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Analysis of capital needs
  • Pitch deck for presentation to investors and investors

Sparring & Support ifm. raising capital

CS Consulting is involved as a sparring partner in dialogue with the Growth Fund, investment associations and other investors.

A sparring and support course includes:

  • Appointment
  • Pitch training
  • Preparing for typical questions
  • Participation in meetings with potential investors