CS Consulting Group

A world of disruption calls for new innovative solutions, business concepts and products. The transformation from sales to service requires deep insights, a solid business model, robust strategy and secure implementation.

CS Consulting Group has a particular focus on:

  • Automotive / Mobility
  • Leasing & Subscription solutions
  • Startups & Entrepreneurs

The CS Consulting Group offers complete processes from market analysis and idea development to specification and project management. In parallel with all processes, CS Consulting Group’s employees can also act as special advisers with insight, vision and overview.

Automotive & Mobility
Car importers and dealers, leasing and financing companies or mobility providers (Share cars, rental, service provider).Do you want to transform and expand your business with new products and concepts?
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Leasing & Subscription Solutions
Cars, scooters, bicycles, furniture or other long-lasting consumer goods.
Are you considering switching your business from classic sales to a leasing model, or do you want to offer a subscription solution to your customers in the future?
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Startups & Entrepreneurs
Here, the industry and profession are subordinate – tech, fashion, consumer goods or e-commerce – the need for a good start and a solid business plan applies to all startups.
Get right from the start with thorough market analysis, financing plan and strategy to succeed.
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The future is moving and connecting. CS Consulting Group helps to secure both new and known players future-proof and sustainable business models.
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