Automotive & Mobility

The electric cars are on the way, turnover in the aftermarket is falling, digitalization is placing higher demands on internal processes, new players are entering the market, and at the same time we are experiencing a consolidation. The amount of challenges is on the rise and the changes will lead to new structures in the car market.

It will be crucial to address the strategic challenges and have an action plan ready that will secure the future of the market. Customers demand credibility, transparent processes and simple solutions.

The car and mobility industry has been characterized by a traditional business model with physical sales, customer service and workshop. We have seen progress in recent years and the traditional business model has worked very well. There has been no need for focus on strategy.

Those times are over and we are looking into a future with completely new rules of play.

CS Consulting Group offers

Transformation of business models requires deep insights, a well thought out strategy and secure implementation.

A typical strategy course takes 3-6 months and includes an internal analysis of the company’s competencies – strengths and weaknesses – and an external analysis of how the company is positioned in relation to customer needs and competitors’ positioning.

The starting point is a tried and tested strategy model, which includes all the essential stages of a strategy process.

In overview:

  • Internal analysis of the current business model
  • Objective, external analysis of the company’s market position and potentials
  • Corrective Actions
  • Implementation Plan
  • An implementation plan includes:
  • Offerings
  • Price Positioning
  • Process Changes

Through 100% dedication and focus, we drive and support progress and progress as well as inclusion and dialogue with all key stakeholders.